WordPress + CloudFlare – how to move to https

http-to-httpsWhat is https and why you need it or not, the Internet is full of information on this topic. In short, you definitely need it. Even if your site interacts with the user only with its menu and links in articles, there still remains at least 1 reason to make the move – traffic from organic search engine results. Search engines prefer sites on https.


What we need to have in order to implement our plan:


  • Access to the domain control panel
  • Access to the admin panel of our site on wordpress
  • 15 minutes of free time.


Lets Go!

First we need to register with Cloudflare.com . Next, add your site to the “Set Up Websites” form and click “Begin Scan”. The service will begin scanning the domain dns records. Usually, the entire pass is normal and CloudFlare itself finds all the records, but in my case this did not happen :) Most likely the hoster server was somehow crookedly cunningly configured. Although everything was visible through the DNS Look Up services, CloudFlare could not cope. But it doesn’t matter. Our domain, and we are aware of what should happen to him there.

At a minimum, you should have a record of the form:

where A is the type of record, domain.com is the name of your domain without www, xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the IP address of your server.

This entry can be added manually.

If you have mail enabled for a domain, be sure to add an MX record. To add the alias “www” add the entry:

where domain.com – replace with your domain.

After adding the site, CloudFlare will report new ns-servers, which will need to be specified for your domain in the domain control panel.

Go into the domain control panel – change the DNS records (DNS server) and change the old value to those that CloudFlare told us.

Return to CloudFlare, go to your website, the “Crypro” tab and select “Flexible” in the first paragraph “SSL”

Next, go to the WordPress admin area – Plugins – Add a new one. Install and activate this new plugin:


  • Cloudflare – manage some cloud settings from WordPress admin area


Cloudflare Plugin

Select the plugin in the Settings menu – CloudFlare. You must enter the email address that you specified when registering with CloudFlare and the service API. Take API on the website CloudFlare.com. Click on the name in the upper right corner – My settings – Global API Key – View API Key. Copy, paste in WordPress. The plugin is authorized, then you only need to click one button in the first paragraph “Apply Default Settings” – “Apply”


The final touch.

Go to the WordPress settings – General and change the “WordPress Address (URL)” and “Site Address (URL)” from … to … (you need to add the letter “s” in these fields to http)


Done! As soon as DNS records are updated on the servers of providers (up to 48 hours), your site will work through https!

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