Why you should use WordPress as a base CMS for sites and blogs

WordPress is widely used by designers  and developers alike. It is so easy to use as a content management system that any novice can learn in few hours and start posting.

I am highlighting few points here..

WordPress is Open Source Software. You can download it and modify according to your needs or just for fun. You don’t have to pay for it.

27% of all sites available on web are made using WordPress. From small blogs to large traffic intensive site, all uses WordPress.

WordPress has powerful features. You can create responsive, SEO friendly, High performance and secure sites.

WordPress has a large base of  Free and paid themes and plugins as well. You name a feature you want and you will get a plugin for it. You name a theme layout,  you will get it. If you can code then get your hand dirty and make a plugin or theme based on your needs.

WordPress has a powerful community of developers, designers, polyglots and content creators and site owners around the world. It has been translated in 80+ languages.

So, Get you hand dirty and start blogging or modify the code. If you think the plugin and theme you have made are worth sharing then share it in official repository of WordPress.


Happy Blogging

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