How to send mail via SMTP on WordPress sites

Email delivery  is an issue faced by almost every WordPress site these days. Mail services like Gmail, Yahoo etc have tightened the spam filtering mechanism to filter spam. In this post I will explain and go through steps to set SMTP to send mail via a WordPress plugin. It will greatly help in delivery of email in mail boxes.

What is SMTP?

SMTP is a standard or protocol to send and receive emails. SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.

Send Mail via SMTP

There are many plugins in WordPress plugin directory which will be useful in this regard. I am using WP Mail SMTP by WPForms on a couple of sites and so far I have no issues.

Important:  Use email Id based on the domain name at which the WordPress site is installed. For example, For this site I will use [email protected] if I will have to use SMTP.

1st Step

All you need is, these details to set up SMTP:–

  • SMTP Host:  Generally local host.
  • SMTP Port: SMTP Port.
  • SMTP Username:   your email id used for sending email.
  • SMTP Password:  your email Password.

Get SMTP details. If you are using Cpanel based web hosting, Create an email and Click on Setup Mail Client as show Below:

On clicking you will get on Setup page:–

Using SSL is always better. Since it encrypts data before sending or receiving.

2nd Steps

Search and install  WP Mail SMTP by WPForms plugin in WordPress admin panel.  There is a settings page for this plugin to enter above SMTP details.  Go to  WP Admin => Settings => WP Mail SMTP 

You will see these fields:-

  • From Email:  in my case  [email protected]
  •  From Name:  Enter name to be use to send mail. if kept empty, it will use WordPress by default.
  • SMTP Host: Contact email service provide or look into Email section of your web server. in my case,
  • SMTP port:  port, in my case 465.
  • Encryption: select SSL
  • Authentication:  Not needed, if you really want, Select ON and enter you email Ids and Password.

Save the settings, and to test the setup Go to Email Test section of setting page. Enter another email Id.  If all goes well, You will receive the test mail. ?

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